The Wedding of Amber & Adam
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We met online in the spring of 1998. It seems strange now to think that we have known each other since our junior years in high school. It is even harder to believe the long list of events that needed to occur for us to meet in person for the first time and begin our long-term, long-distance relationship. If it were not for America Online, Marching Band, and an email then we would have never even met. It is always interesting to see peoples reaction when we tell them that we met online, but its true. One day in 1998 Amber decided to look up people from Marching Bands that she recognized from her school's involvement in Bands of America. She happened to look up Mona Shores and found Adam's profile on AOL, this search led to an email, which led to many online communications and a budding friendship.

At the end of June 1998 Amber convinced her Mom (in a decision that to this day her Mom cannot defend) to make the 5 hour trek from Dayton, OH to Muskegon, MI and we were finally able to meet. Much can be said about love at first sight but both Amber and Adam went away from that first meeting with a desire to move their relationship to the "next level". Needless to say, this first meeting led to many phone calls and many more visits. If it wasn't for the understanding of our parents this young relationship would have never worked, with countless hours of long distance calls and numerous trips for dances and other high school events.